Weather Data
Private experimental weather data logging station

Olten   Switzerland
N 47° 20.981' E 7° 54.834' - Altitude 410 m

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** Description **
** Description **
Wind and rain sensors, Stevenson screen with air sensors Sky camera (RPi zero) and 2nd light sensor outside garden shack Solar panel 100W and main light sensor
Outside-sensors Sky cam & light sensor Solar panel
Raspberry Pi Mod 2B (main computer RPi20) RPi20 with connector boards Upper connector board: Connections to RPi20, first ADC and sensor connectors Lower connector board: I2C multiplexer, second ADC and sensor connectors
RaspberryPi2B RPiConnections1 UpperConnectorBoard LowerConnectorBoard
Solar charge controller and buffer battery Solar charge controller, box with RPi20 and 12V-5V (USB) adapter Solar charge controller and box with RPi20 BME280 breakout board for measuring air pressure and humidity
Inside setup 1 Inside setup 2 Inside setup 3 bme280